Battlefield V

Battlefield V
FPS, Multiplayer
Release date: 19 October 2018 Developer: EA Dice Publisher: Electronic Arts

The Battlefield line has been going for literal generations and while it had its ups and downs, Battlefield V aims to be a glorious return to form. Returning to the classic setting of World War II, Battlefield V sends the players on a journey through various theaters of the greatest conflict in human history, showing it from all sides, with desperate and varied war stories.

The game features an extensive multiplayer experience with progressively evolving Tides of War mode, a Battlefield take on the Battle Royale formula with Royale and so called Grand Operations, testing the players’ ability to conserve resources. Battlefield V puts a huge emphasis on team-play and allows players to build an entire squad of specialized soldiers with a large degree of customization.

This is Battlefield V, apparently

Battlefield V released a newest trailer for the game, coinciding with the imminent release of the beta. Not really anything…

3 months ago

Battlefield V delayed

The video game now known more for the hot controversy surrounding it than anything else has been pushed back to…

4 months ago

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