The official channel for square Ennix’s Hitman has been teasing the return of Agent 47 for his next mission with cryptic tweets and recently, they revealed we will find out all the details in 48 hours.

We’ve always known the 2016 reboot of the series would get its next season. I mean the clue is the name of the deluxe edition “Complete First Season”. It was just a question of “when”. While Hitman’s Twitter was hinting cryptically at us, Warnor Bros. might have dropped the ball by posting the “Hitman 2” logo on their site (which has since then been removed).

The game is likely to pick up where it left off, with Agent 47 beginning the hunt of the mysterious Shadow Client¬† who tried to dupe 47’s employers into attacking an Illuminati-esque organization. With the information from two months ago that Square Ennix will break its silence and finally appear at E3 this year, it’s very likely we’ll find out all the details there.

And can I just say, it’s nice to get a next Hitman. If the new Splinter Cell game becomes a reality, I can sleep safely knowing that the stealth, spy-thriller genre is safe. We’ll keep the flame going Kojima-san.