With EA getting so much flack recently it may surprise you to know that they aren’t the literal Hitler of video games industry.

Josef Fares, the magnificent beast of a developer with an attitude and vision behind spectacular games A Way Out and Brothers: Tale of Two Sons, talked about his relationship with EA at Gameslab last week and describes it as “super good”.

Hazelight is a part of the EA Originals program, dedicated to helping budding devs create and publish their games. The program has already shown itself to be an amazing hit with A Way Out selling over a million copies in the first month of its release. The fascinating Sea of Solitude shown at E3 is the next game we’re eagerly waiting for to come out of that program and it’s already garnering a lot of praise.

“This is how I work: I respect the economical aspect but nobody fucks with the vision—it’s very, very important. And they know it at EA now, and they’re super-supportive—super-supportive”—Fares said. I’ll note here that the gaming community has been levying heavy accusations against EA’s meddling leading to closure and dissolution of multiple studios like, in recent memory, Visceral games.

But somehow this doesn’t seem to impact people working with them on EA original program. Unfortunately, Fares was reluctant to share any information about the next game from Hazelight. He only said it’s going to be bigger and longer than A Way Out. Hazelight tends to get really clever with the mechanics of their games, so we can certainly expect a twist there.

Either way I’m happy to see this darling of gamers who doesn’t mince words back in the saddle and working on another game. Even if it’s under EA’s banner as a publisher.