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Team 5 promises to fix Shudderwock AND , iOS

Team 5 promises to fix Shudderwock

Hearthstone‘s newest expansion, Witchwood, came out a couple of weeks ago and the reception so far has been mixed. There…

4 months ago
Enter the gloomy Witchwood PC, AND , iOS

Enter the gloomy Witchwood

On March 12th Blizzard announced its newest expansion for their virtual TCG game- Hearthstone. This expansion is now live, adding…

4 months ago
Blizzard announces Gamescom treats PC

Blizzard announces Gamescom treats

The company’s show will begin on August 23. Blizzard shared their schedule for the upcoming conference in Cologne and we…

12 months ago
Hearthstone has 70 million players PC, AND , iOS

Hearthstone has 70 million players

The game keeps growing and the current expansion has quite the stats to prove it. 70 million unique players have…

1 year ago
| Gordon Freeman, Half-life
Gordon Freeman, Half-life