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Starcraft 2 will get a major rebalance PC

Starcraft 2 will get a major rebalance

War apparently sometimes changes. Blizzard’s grand RTS is getting some serious tweaks in the future with the studio aiming to…

1 month ago
Blizzard announces Gamescom treats PC

Blizzard announces Gamescom treats

The company’s show will begin on August 23. Blizzard shared their schedule for the upcoming conference in Cologne and we…

1 month ago
Overwatch with a deathmatch mode PC

Overwatch with a deathmatch mode

You’ll be able to shoot each other in the face without any special agenda. Blizzard’s Overwatch from its inception has…

1 month ago
ESports as part of the Olympics? PC, XBO , PS4

ESports as part of the Olympics?

And your gold Olympic medal is for? I’m really good at LoL. The Paris Olympic bid committee is considering the…

1 month ago
Artifact from Valve announced PC

Artifact from Valve announced

It’s not “you-know-what”, but it’s something. Valve has just announced that they are working on a new game. Artifact: The…

1 month ago
Three frags left. | Speaker, Quake III Arena
Speaker, Quake III Arena