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Team 5 promises to fix Shudderwock AND , iOS

Team 5 promises to fix Shudderwock

Hearthstone‘s newest expansion, Witchwood, came out a couple of weeks ago and the reception so far has been mixed. There…

4 months ago
Fortnite one-ups PUBG. Again. PC, PS4, XO , iOS

Fortnite one-ups PUBG. Again.

Following clues by the devs, Fortnite announces the release of the game in China and responds to PUBG’s E-sports ambitions,…

4 months ago
PUBG redoubles its E-sports efforts PC, PS4, XO, AND , iOS

PUBG redoubles its E-sports efforts

Last year at Gamescom, PUBG hosted a Big Tournament (TM, because I don’t want to be sued by PUBG) featuring…

4 months ago
| Gordon Freeman, Half-life
Gordon Freeman, Half-life