How disrespectful towards Real History (TM). No snowmen served the British army during world war II. I’m exceedingly angry about it, but not triggered! Triggered is what others do, mine anger is truly righteous!

Jokes aside, the Battlefield V beta has started in earnest. ‘S pretty good I hear. There’s still some kinks to work out here and there of course. Tanks are reportedly pretty weak, weapons aren’t perfectly balanced and the squad mechanics have been received with a certain degree of  “eeeeh?” This is to be expected, that’s why the beta is here after all. But the initial reception has actually been quite positive.

But the snowman is a nice addition. Building him takes a while though and it’s a shame you can’t do it cooperatively. A team of soldiers dropping arms to build a snowman is a nostalgic and fun thing. A single soldier suddenly starting to build a snowman amidst war is just… Creepy. Did they experience a sudden mental breakdown? Are they having a violent flashback? Are they exploring the personal hell of their mind? Are they trying to impart these feelings unto the snowman? What immense darkness are they trying to convey? What echos of madness lurk beneath the black, empty coal eyes and artificial smile? What dreams of chtchonic cruelty lie behind the facade?

Masterful use of meta-narrative—Ign. 10/10—Ign. We are Ign and this is Ign.