After yesterday’s marvelous albeit short teaser trailer for Rage, Bethesda committed fully to the upcoming anger-filled rampage through the wastelands.

After the initial yada, yada the trailer starts in earnest. It looks quite impressive- a combination of Destiny and new Doom.
The action is crazy and fast-paced, environments vibrant and explosions numerous.

Original Rage was much more washed out, it was a game more about survival and struggle than a power fantasy, this seems to take a very different approach indeed. In fact the protagonist is a new character (which is probably for the best, given the lackluster ending of Rage) on a personal revenge quest through the Wasteland, fueled by nanomachines. Very Mad Max, I approve.

Rage 2 is due for spring 2019 and while I was initially skeptical and am still worried about the open-world element of the game (I wouldn’t mind a solid story from a Bethesda game, for old time’s sake), I’m warming up to the idea.