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Hitman reactivates Elusive target PC, PS4 , XO

Hitman reactivates Elusive target

So, not so elusive after all? Following the Game of the Year edition of Hitman, the elusive targets are making…

24 hours ago
SOMA coming to Xbox One PC, PS4 , XO

SOMA coming to Xbox One

Finally, yet another group of people can get scared. Frictional Games announced that their excellent 2015 horror hit SOMA will…

1 day ago
THQ Nordic acquires Biomutant developer PC, PS4 , XO

THQ Nordic acquires Biomutant developer

The IP also changes hands. Biomutant has made quite a splash during Gamescom with its kung-fu, shoot-em-up, open-world gameplay. So…

2 days ago
Worms coming to Switch NS

Worms coming to Switch

The creatures invade Nintendo. Switch is going to get themselves one of the most beloved franchises n the market with…

3 days ago
Marvel Heroes to be shut down PC, PS4 , XO

Marvel Heroes to be shut down

Disney decided to shut down the free-to-play game. Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment have decided to end their partnership which in…

3 days ago
Three frags left. | Speaker, Quake III Arena
Speaker, Quake III Arena