Release date: 05 June 2018 Developer: Dontond Entertainment Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

A great shadow looms over London. A shadow of disaster. In Vampyr the true nature of mankind is laid bare as they struggle against creatures of the night hungry for their blood.

But who is a man and who is a real monster? Is it just to accuse a good person of sin when tragedy has been foisted upon them? Is it it righteous to hunt innocent victims of disease? Is it immoral to give into your nature?

Vampyr explores the Gothic legend of vampires with all its themes, through a lens of  dark, action-rpg with a nuanced story and multiple ways of approaching it. The gloomy London teetering on the brink is your playground and it’s entirely up to you if you will be its savor… Or its reaper.

Vampyr will be getting a story mode PC, PS4 , XO

Vampyr will be getting a story mode

Now it may sound weird, because you'd think there already was a story mode for Vampyr—it's called Vampyr on low…

4 months ago
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Vampyr review- we makin’ Vampires cool again

Hunt for blood as Doctor Reid in Vampyr, dark action-rpg set in fictional, Victorian London. Choose to be a merciless…

4 months ago

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