Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves
Release date: 20 March 2018 Developer: Rare Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Arr, me mateys, hoist the anchor.

Sea of Thieves is a lighthearted online game letting you and your band of mateys play as the crew of a pirate ship, with all of it entails. Drink grog, walk the plank, perform boarding actions against other ships. Discover treasure chests in places marked with a red cross. Yo-ho, the pirate’s life for you.

Build your reputation by completing daring adventures and going on voyages. Sea of Thieves is as swashbuckling games you can experience with your friends. Become the terror of the sun-lit waters.

Dive into the Hungering Deep PC , XO

Dive into the Hungering Deep

The first major content update for Rare’s Sea of Thieves is here. But before you dip your toes, let the…

3 weeks ago
Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones delayed PC, PS4 , XO

Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones delayed

It’s gearing up to be quite the busy year for Ubisoft, between The Crew 2, The Division 2, next Assassin’s…

4 weeks ago
The Hungering Deep’s trailer is here PC , XO

The Hungering Deep’s trailer is here

The Sea of Thieves is an interesting, albeit ultimately slightly underwhelming game that briefly captured the attention of many with…

1 month ago
The Hungering Deep awaits PC , XO

The Hungering Deep awaits

The fun, cooperative pirate game from the legendary developer Rare, Sea of Thieves plans to launch its line-up of new…

2 months ago
Sea of Thieves has a Day 1 patch PC , XO

Sea of Thieves has a Day 1 patch

Nobody is safe. Rare’s long-awaited nautical adventure Sea of Thieves couldn’t steer clear of what can be seen as a…

3 months ago
Sea of Thieves beta announced PC , XO

Sea of Thieves beta announced

If you wait for the piratical co-op game Sea of Thieves, then you’re in for a treat. As announced on…

5 months ago
Next Sea of Thieves test is open to all PC , XO

Next Sea of Thieves test is open to all

A time has come for everyone to say Aaarrrrrrrrr. Sea of Thieves, the massively online multiplayer pirate adventure, has had…

7 months ago

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