Survival horror
Release date: 30 March 2018 Developer: Madmind Studio Publisher: PlayWay

Welcome to Hell, they said, but you don’t feel all that welcome at all. <strong>Agony</strong> is a game about a soul trying to find away to escape the fiery, bloody depths of the non-denominational abyss by any means necessary.

Agony is a survival horror letting you occasionally take control of your tormentors and other damned souls to bypass obstacles and foes standing in your way to freedom from the damnation without relief. Your goal is to find the creator of Hell, a mysterious Red Goddess. Said to possess the knowledge on how to get out, she’s your only chance.

Agony will be toned down slightly PC, PS4 , XO

Agony will be toned down slightly

The absolutely horrific horror game, Agony, doesn’t why away from how gruesome it is. It has always been a matter…

4 months ago
Agony gets a new story trailer PC, PS4 , XO

Agony gets a new story trailer

And it’s very, very excessive. Presented below for your leisure, but BE CAREFUL, it’s absolutely NSFW and incredibly gruesome. Which…

4 months ago

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