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Favourite genre: All of them

A player from an early age, any topic related to the MMORPG is not a stranger to me. Fantasy climates and hardcore grind lover, killing dragons is my passion. My motto in life? There is no time for sleep, the level isn't going to grind itself.

Favourite genre: MMORPG

I breath and feed on story-telling in any forms- movies, books, games, RPG, underwater basket-weaving, anything. Some would call me pretentious for demanding the media I consume to have a message and go beyond mundane entertainment. Needless to say, too big a fan of Hideo Kojima for my own good.

Favourite genre: No favourite genres

I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite bio on the internet. Die-hard fan of the Mass Effect series. RPGs are cool, too.

Favourite genre: RPG

RPGs are my life, I bleed gaming dice and consume XP for nourishment. I'm a compulsive side-quester who saved countless worlds from things that go bump in the night, no big deal. A knight of mouse and keyboard, sorcerer of pen and paper, I play games for the plot.

Favourite genre: RPG

Zbigniew Trzeciak

Former editor

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That's why I enjoy my games immensly. From a quick FIFA match, to a long Civ session. Almost anything goes.

Favourite genre: RTS
Would you kindly... | Andrew Ryan, BioShock
Andrew Ryan, BioShock